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    Welcome to the official website of Changshu Tongjiang Machinery Co., Ltd!

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    EquipmentThe manufacturer
    In 1995, he founded changshu Research Institute. In 2000, Tongying was founded; In 2004, tongjiang was established with Japanese company.
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      Cement Equipment
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    For your customized one-stop concrete products equipment application program


    Four series of 100 products, to meet your choice!

    Keep A Foothold

    Develop New Processes
    • 26 years of R&D
    • The Factory Has 20000+m2
    • Team 300+ People
    • Processing Equipment 200+
    Founded in 1995, committed to cement building materials equipment research, development, manufacturing. Through technology update research and development, there are a variety of new equipment.

    Production Flow

    • Meet The Demand Reliable Use
    • Multiple Industries
    • International Technical Equipment
    • Create A Variety Of Brick
    Professional production of QF series molding machine, QWS series cement tile molding machine and related ancillary products, as well as QPS stone brick imitation series machine, from a single production line to a full set of automatic production line equipment.

    After-Sale Service

    Buy Without Hesitation
    • Provide Training And Upgrading
    • Demand Second Response
    • Make Regular Return Visits
    • Provide Lifetime After-Sales
    Adhering to the "skilled in technology, sincere to customers" purpose; A professional R & D, sales, after-sales team, to provide customers with a full range of services; Pre-sale, sale and after-sales complete system to protect the interests of customers.


    Quality comes from refinement. If you're prepared, you'll be ready
    • S-shaped tile
      S-shaped tile

    • European tile
      European tile

    • Large wave tile
      Large wave tile

    • French tile
      French tile

    • And type tile
      And type tile

    • Small green tile
      Small green tile

    • Marble

    • Marble

    • Imitation slate brick
      Imitation slate brick

    • Perforated brick
      Perforated brick

    • Road edge stone
      Road edge stone

    • Road edge stone

    • Road edge stone

    • Road edge stone

    • Road edge stone

    • Road edge stone


    Maintain cooperative relationship with fortune 500 enterprises


    You can have a further understanding of us through the information
    Since the establishment of Changshu Building Materials Application Technology Research Institute in 1995, due to the development of production scale, the company established Changshu TONGYING Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2000, and established a Sino foreign joint venture Changshu Tongjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. with Japan Jiangdong C...
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